Company Information

Spica Technologies was founded in 1990 in an effort to provide high quality laser damage testing services. Today, Spica has blossomed into a full service optical test and measurement company with a broad array of laser sources and capabilities. With a newly expanded 10,000 sq. ft. lab and new laser sources, we invite you to take advantage of our expertise for all of your optical test and measurement needs.

Ethics Statement

The generation of test and measurement data is our principle product at Spica Technologies. In many cases this information is of extreme significance to our customers and their specific programs or applications. We therefore consider all data, and test results to be proprietary to the customers for whom work was performed. We respect the confidentiality of this data, do no provide this data in an open forum, and will request written permission if we are to discuss the information with a third party. We will neither act as consultants, nor recommend certain optical manufactures for specific projects.