Interferometer Wyko GPI
While most optical manufacturers maintain interferometers for actively measuring flatness, curvature and transmitted wavefront, quite often, custom measurements or correlation studies are required. Spica maintains 2 interferometers to provide these measurements.

A 4 inch aperture, ZYGO GPI-XP interferometer system, operating at 632.8 nm, is utilized for the bulk of the required measurements. This phase measuring system in equipped with the most modern ZYGO software and can be used for a myriad of applications.

A 6 inch aperture WYKO 6000 Laser Interferometer is also maintained in our metrology laboratory. This interferometer is unique because of it's operating wavelength of 1064 nm. The 1064 nm source can provide direct measurements of surface flatness and transmitted wavefront in the infrared. It is also very useful for the measurement of samples which absorb at 632.8 nm such as Er:YAG, and CTH:YAG laser rods.