Micron accuracy flexure stages
low and high power fiber coupled laser sources

Reliability is of utmost importance in the telecommunications industry. This requirement becomes obvious, when reviewing the broad range of tests put forth in the Telcordia© specifications. In addition to the standard Telcordia© specifications, Spica Technologies provides a number of unique testing services, which help determine overall reliability of fiber optic components or subassemblies.

Spica Technologies can provide a broad range of measurements, which fall under the requirements for Telcordia© testing. These include, insertion loss, reflectance, PDL and attenuation. These parameters can also be measured under temperature, humidity, thermal shock, and vibration.

The most unique capability however involves the ability to launch extremely high powers in single mode fibers. The ability to increase power well beyond that required for common components adds another dimension to reliability measurements and modeling. Accelerated life testing can be performed varying both temperature and laser power providing a third variable for reliability modeling.

The fiber optic sources maintained by Spica are shown below.

Wavelength (nm)Maximum Power (dBm)Maximum Power (Watts)
tunable 1530-1570375