Testing Services

Spica Technologies can perform but is not limited to the following types of testing:
  • Laser Induced Damage - This test certifies that a sample meets a specific fluence requirement or determines the threshold at which a sample will fail.

  • Optical Density and Transmission - Laser sources are used to measure transmission of optical components.

  • Telecommunications - High power single mode fiber source can test components or devices for reliability. Telecordia testing is also available.

  • Environmental Exposure - Numerous environmental tests including humidity, temperature, temperature shock, and salt fog at the component or system level are available per request.

  • Optical Metrology - Spica offers various optical metrology services including surface roughness measurements, phase shifting/measuring, and surface inspection.

In addition to our core testing services Spica can supply an array of custom test solutions. Our vast experience in optical tests and measurements allows us to design experiments to suit a customer's specific needs. Examples include support for the Hubble Space Telescope, various Massachusetts General Hospital laser programs, numerous defense projects, and the LLNL National Ignition Facility.

From the earth to the stars Spica has provided laser test solutions for defense, aerospace, commercial, semiconductor, and homeland security applications.